With an expansive inventory of equipment, Callan Marine
responds to customers’ needs with a wide variety of
specialized, turnkey services.


From boats, dredges, barges, and pile-driving rigs to cranes, earth-moving equipment, and support vessels — Callan Marine is fully equipped for routine waterway and terminal projects, as well as major construction and expansion projects.

  • General Eisenhower 14" cutter head dredge with 56' digging depth
  • Cal2001 - crane barge
  • Dredge booster pumps
  • Spud barges
  • Toyo dredge pump
  • 400 hp twin screw dredge tenders
  • Crew boats
  • Survey boats


  • Manitowoc 4600 cranes with assorted buckets
  • Long reach excavators
  • Long reach marsh excavators
  • Caterpillar 330 excavators
  • Caterpillar D6 bulldozers
  • American 60 ton crawler crane
  • Vibratory hammers
  • Various support equipment and vessels


C/S “General Eisenhower”

(Marlin Series 5450D)


Length:  145ft (44.2m)
Beam:  40ft (12.2m)
Depth:  7ft (2.1m)
Draft:  4ft (1.2m)


Operating Parameters:

Dig Depth Range:  5ft-56ft (1.5-17.1m)
Suction Diameter:  14in (355.6mm)
Discharge Diameter:  12in (304.80mm)


Machinery & Power Data:

Fuel Capacity:  11,100gal (42,018l)
Cutter Force:  11,285lbs (5,119kg)
Cutter Hydraulics:  350hp (261kW)
Total Installed Power:  1,500hp (1,119kW)

"General Patton"

Dredge Pumps

Underwater Pump: 18 x 16 x 40

18" suction ; 16" discharge; 40" diameter impeller
Booster Pump:

16 x 16 x 40

16" suction

16" discharge

40" diameter impeller


Power Engine and Transmission

Engine: Caterpiller C-32A Cert

Power transmission: HPTO Clutch to right angle gear


Machinery & Power Data:

Fuel Capacity:  30,000 gallon-shared
Engine: 1125 hp, C rated

Cutter: 300 hp

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